Hypnotically beautiful... inexhaustible cornucopia of sensual pleasures.
—Jonathan Saville, San Diego Reader

This is an outstanding performance, such as I have rarely heard.
—Mary Berry, Gramophone

The performance was a knockout.
—Richard Dyer, The Boston Globe

Simply Perfect!
Deutsches Allgemeines Sonntagsblatt

The singing wants nothing in purity or fervor.
—Allan Ulrich, San Francisco Examiner

Singing in lovely, impeccably delivered harmony or in effortless, mind-boggling, complex counterpoint, the women of Tapestry delivered the Hebrew psalm texts in stirring fashion. (Marin) Alsop and (the Colorado Symphony) offered an ideal accompaniment.
—Marc Shulgold, Rocky Mountain News

The group is remarkable for beauty of sound, exact tuning and extraordinary blend, but the sound never dissolves into anonymity.
—Richard Dyer The Boston Globe

Tapestry's CDs have been characterized by a particularly stimulating approach to programming.
—Barry Witherden, Classic CD

The ensemble's measured, precise tones weave gorgeous patterns... the ensemble's sound is strong and certain, even fierce in its conviction.
—Rebecca Lindwall, Cedar Rapids Gazette

These well-matched but subtly nonidentical voices were like something gemlike seen in a clear but shifting light.
—Richard Buell, The Boston Globe

An ensemble that plants haunting vibrations, old and new, in our ears.
—Donald Rosenberg, Cleveland Plain Dealer

Tapestry wants to engage listeners, rather than merely soothe them.
—Ken Keuffel, Jr., The Arizona Daily Star

They sing beautifully separately and together with a glistening tone and precise intonation, and they like to shift gears.
—Richard Ginell, LA Times

...these particular voices, brightly colored, well-focused and agile, caressed the vowel sounds and shaped gorgeous textures...(they) forged a splendid sense of ensemble.
The Washington Post

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