Wake Up, Little Sparrow

Wake Up, Little Sparrow cover art

Tapestry’s first single was released in fall 2023. Daniela Tosic and Cristi Catt together with Rachel Jayson, viola, started performing Wake Up, Little Sparrow by Ella Jenkins as part of a touring program celebrating women composers. Jenkins’ albums are a cornerstone of Smithsonian Folkways. She is the recipient of a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and celebrated her 99th birthday in August 2023.


Faces of a Woman

Faces of a Woman cover art

"The selections range from Medieval motets to European and American folk song to Romantic choral music to newly composed pieces....The performances are wonderfully appealing as well; the singing is impassioned and unaffected, and the instruments—harp, vielles, and fiddles—provide a colorful, atmospheric accompaniment.... This lovely collection should be of interest to fans of early music, world folk music, and the sound of the blend of women's voices." —All Music


Sapphire Night

Sapphire Nights cover art

"Songs of Hildegard von Bingen—The Nine Orders of the Angels by Patricia Van Ness "'Dominationes' from the Nine Orders is meditative, ecstatic and ethereal, surprisingly clear and beautiful as offered by Tapestry. The vocal ensemble masters its repertoire so brilliantly that this old and spiritual sound must enchant the listener. In short: a pleasure!" —Suedwestfunk (Germany)


Song of Songs

Song of Songs cover art

Ancient Hebrew and Latin chant, Israeli Folk Song, New works written for Tapestry, vielle, harp and percussion. "...an inexhaustible cornucopia of sensual pleasures." —San Diego Reader


Celestial Light

Celestial Light cover art

Music of Hildegard von Bingen, medieval polyphony and a song cycle by Robert Kyr "This is an outstanding performance such as I have rarely heard, beginning with a smooth legato of utter perfection in a low restricted range, then gradually expanding upwards with ecstasy to reach a top D with amazing control." Gramophone Magazine


The Fourth River: Millenium Revealed

Fourth River cover art

Hildegard, Hebrew Chant, Bulgarian Folksong, a new setting of an ancient Greek text by Ivan Moody, Medieval chant and polyphony, new vocal works—voices and percussion "I am struck by the beauty and harmony that we as humans can create when voice, heart and mind unite...." Bay Windows (Boston)


Angeli: Music of Angels

Angeli cover art

"With soaring dynamics for two sopranos and unusually closely wrought harmonies for male singers, the music was immediately beguiling." —The Louisville Courier Journal


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