Artwork for Episode 3

Narrated by Miriam Said, Assistant Professor, History of Art and Architecture, Tufts University

Sumerian tablet

Tablet with Sumerian Poem ("A Love Song to Šu-Suen") written in cuneiform script, terracotta, Nippur, Neo-Sumerian (Ur III) Period, ca. 2037–2039 BCE, Istanbul Archaeology Museums (L.2461)

Queen of Sheba

Painting of the Queen of Sheba from a Late Medieval manuscript (QoS in green dress, Bellifortis by Conrad Kyser), ca. 1405


Bilqīs–An illuminated frontispiece, on two separate sheets of paper, from a Persian manuscript showing Bilqīs and Sulayman enthroned (Aga Khan illuminations), ca. 1560–1570


A painting of Bilqīs lounging beside a river from an album of manuscript painting, called a Muraqqa (Bilqīs reclining, British Museum image), ca. 1590–1600

Queen of Sheba: Ana Maria Pacheco, Queen of Sheba and King Solomon in the Garden of Earthly Delights, 1999, oil on gesso on wood panel ©Pratt Contemporary Art Limited

Bonus Image Makeda Engeda Agganaw, painting depicting a continuous narrative in multiple scenes of Makeda's life, based on the text of the Kebra Negast (Ethiopian painting)

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