A mix of music and theatre brings to life three medieval weddings and a funeral, featuring music of Guillaume Du Fay and his contemporaries.

"Like Handel 3 centuries later, Du Fay understood how to write brilliant, compelling works for voices and the members of Tapestry displayed the requisite vocal chops to make this music compelling and even exciting....They produced a vocal opulence that brought to mind florid duets in Bach cantatas...Yet, in a contrasting bawdy, secular context....the quartet shamelessly invoked the ribald sonic edge of alehouse merry-making...Such a happy combination is unlikely to befall San Diego for another decade."
Kenneth Herman, San Diego Arts

Early in his career, Du Fay was employed by the Malatesta family. One of his most lovely and intricate ballades, Resvellies vous, was composed for the wedding of Carl Malatesta and Vittoria di Lorenzo. He and his contemporary Hugo de Lantins both composed works for the marriage of Cleofe Malatesta and Theodre Palaiologos II, Despot of Morea.

The wedding of Louis of Savoy and Anne of Lusignan is especially interesting as it was documented by Martin le Frank as the meeting of the two leading composers of the day, Du Fay and Binchois. According to Martin le Franc, they were both greatly moved by the improvisations of the blind fiddlers of the Duke of Burgundy—our vielle players will recreate this moment along with rousing dances and lovely accompaniments to the songs in the program.

Each wedding had its own share of political intrigue, travel and most importantly, music. The weddings were lavish affairs and music played a central role with nuptial masses, dances, songs dedicated to the event, toasts and love songs. Our program brings the idea of a 15th-century wedding to life through music.


The singers of Tapestry are joined by two vielles and tenor for this program (6 performers)

Works of Guillaume Du Fay (1397-1474):  
Je vous pri/Ma tres doulx ami/Tant que mon argent  
Belle, vueilliés vostre mercy Quelle Fronte  
Je me complains  
Donnés l'assault  
Adieu ces bons vins  
Le belle se siet  
Je ne vis onques la pareille  
Hé, compaignons, resvelons nous  
Les douleurs, dont me sens tel somme  
Mort, tu as navré Johannes Ockeghem 1410-1497
Contre Doulour Music of Cyprus  
and more……  

Program Duration

approximately 90' with intermission
suitable for a resonant, medium-sized church or concert hall