Tapestry offers a choral residency program for high school, college and community programs

A winner of the Echo Klassik for best Choral recording, Tapestry offers a residency program resulting in a concert of medieval and contemporary vocal music. Tapestry will introduce choristers to singing medieval music from original notation and will share their experiences in working with leading composers such as Robert Kyr, Patricia Van Ness, and Steve Reich. The final concert will feature performances by Tapestry, the choir, and the combined forces of Tapestry and choir. In addition, a workshop for percussionists is available as part of the residency. Tapestry will work with faculty and staff to tailor a residency to best suit the needs of the students.

For young audiences: Tapestry's world tour

In this interactive workshop, Tapestry invites their audience on a world tour. The children learn about melody, harmony, rhythm and musical form through songs from Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Spain and Israel. The workshop helps children learn how to listen to music, as well as giving them a taste of several foreign languages. The children's participation includes singing two-part organum, drones and a canon, distinguishing between duple and triple meter, and joining the ensemble on the refrains of the grand finale.When booked with the concert program, The Spirit takes Flight, the youth outreach program also features Tibetan chant and singing bowls.

Some residencies can also feature percussion workshops

Past residencies include:

* Weeklong residency with the Chamber Music Society of St. Cloud featuring lectures and workshops at several area colleges, outreach programs in the public schools and at a local senior center in addition to the main concert.
* Weeklong residency with the Kalamazoo Sacred Music Festival and University of Western Michigan, Kalamazo—coached Freshman Women's choir for performances with Tapestry, master classes for voice majors and local choruses.
* Weeklong residency at the University of Oregon in Eugene included a Hildegard von Bingen Symposium and workshops with student composers who wrote and refined pieces for the ensemble.
* Weeklong residency in Riga, Latvia in as part of the Hermana Braun Festival that featured numerous workshops, and performances with the vocal ensemble Putni.
* Tapestry has presented mini-residencies and workshops at Harvard University, Stonybrook University, Shorter College, Williams College, Cornell College, and several other venues.