Tapestry and Guests

Drawing on settings of the Magnificat by J. S. Bach and Arvo Pärt for inspiration, Tapestry weaves a mystical program that celebrates the coming of the night with Vespers, angels, and lively moonlight dances.

The Magnificat or Canticle of Mary is one of the oldest Marian hymns and bears striking similarities to the Old Testament Canticle of Hannah. This song is a cornerstone of the Evening Prayer or Vespers service and has inspired countless composers to create their own settings.

Tapestry's concert program features medieval, baroque and modern settings of the Magnificat, as well as works by Hildegard von Bingen, Tomas Luis de Victoria, and Osvaldo Golijov and Patricia Van Ness.

In contrast to the arching lines and timeless rhythms of the Vespers, Tapestry offers Demo Gracias, psalm settings, from La Pasión según San Marcos by Osvaldo Golijov. Golijov's masterpiece, which was commissioned to mark the 250th anniversary of the death of J. S. Bach, took the music world by storm with its soaring South American melodies and feverish percussion. Tapestry pairs this excerpt with 16th-century polyphony of Mexico.

The program also features Patricia Van Ness' acclaimed Arcanae written for Tapesry and Ensemble PAN. The Louisville Courier Journal wrote, "…soaring dynamics for two sopranos and unusually closely wrought harmonies for male singers, the music was immediately beguiling."


The program features singers of Tapestry with male voices (SSAATTB), harp, vielle and percussion.

Suscepit Israel J. S. Bach (from Magnificat)
Magnificat Arvo Pärt
Ave Maris Stella Las Huelgas Codex
Portum in ultimo Codex Calixtinus
Salve Virgo Virginum Notre Dame repertory
Karitas Abundant Hildegard von Bingen
Demos Gracias al Señor Osvaldo Golijov
(from Las Pasion Segun San Marcos)
Arcanae Patricia Van Ness
Tebye poyem Sergei Rachmaninoff
Slova Ivan Moody
16th century Spanish polyphony  
and more…..  

Program duration

approximately 90' with intermission
suitable for a resonant medium-sized church